Tuesday, April 9, 2013

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Monday, March 25, 2013

A Dream 'So Uncommon' !!!..

Tossed hair with 'no sigh of relief'.
      I sat down in a 'fardel of Grief'.

All I could see was the 'World in Pain'. 
      The pain of Mine so 'subtle and disdain'.

Walled behind the 'Mammoth so might'. 
      That only leveraging the efforts will prove 'bright'.

I kindled my way to 'One  Uncommon' 
      The only friend on way was 'me and my Isolation'

A bit far 'There was that Dream'. 
      But the sores in my feet 'made me scream'.

The more I leaped, 'the  more Blood oozed'.
      Now the only worry is the 'Blood much loosed'.

Worries kept adding as the 'well went drying'.
      The share  'Left To Live' was still lying

Finally 'i reached' that was a Delight
      And I saw  'only few drops left on the right'.

Drops Left to Live 'where a  few'!!
     I was Tired & in 'amid new', It was only Sleep that I couldn't slew

 I laid back for 'Minutes a Few'
       Dream started to roll with the 'Well full as New'..

Friday, March 22, 2013

A Change!!!

Hell No!! It has been a long time since i haven't  contributed to this blog.. Lets do some serious writing.... 
Abraham Lincoln a vampire superhero now now once said:
'Let no feeling of discouragement prey upon you, And in the end you are sure to Succeed' !!

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

An EID BACK HOME AN EID BACK HOME.........(unedited)

           The sound of the takta and  the mincing so fine, the smell of the roganjosh  with the night so divine.Projections of past with the memories so vivid, cuisines are impeccable with the tastes so alive, the love is pouring with the Plans set for flight .The jubilation of tomorrow and the wait for inception, stuck to the radio and the announcement now made. Tomorrow is Eid its now officially declared. Outbox is full and the network almost jammed the wishes go ringing on  every gadget of this time  .With  some flashing lights and some bright sights  everybody is on toes  preparing for an eve so Might. The visits so consistent and the eyes stuck in the kitchen. The check that every broth has gone to perfection.. To do list is synchronized and plans ready to pound, I get to bed with a twitch of happiness..
          Fluttering lips with the Mic on decibels a loud sound of Azan is calling on. A call from my dad its late for prayers ,I get off with the feet  pounding the floors. Ready for the nimaaz  I leave   running. The morning prayers are completed and wishes galore  the Floor. Going back to the home I wish my mom kisses on the forehead and many good wishes , With the dad’s and bhayia’s  entry  wishes galore again. Dates and fruits start the session followed by the Kehwa and the blissfull conversation.
I start early to makeup with the timings  I leave for Nimaaz with the sessions on halt. The gravity so high that  every one is attracted, that makes the  mosque  almost jam packed. After the nimaaz eid wishes battle with hugs and finally an exodus leaves the mosque. Then the  visits to relatives and the session set on. Seeing  the lads with the toys and girls in glitterati all seem too happy with the new apparels to show on. Wallet is refueled with the Eidee from the elders making the plan  to spend some of this sum. Back to home and more guests to attend , the love so pouring and the aura so ecstatic. The day goes on with the smiles and lot of fun. I MISS U ‘EID AT HOME’, ‘EID AT HOME’........
             Lying on the bed and tomorrow is Eid, I am  thousands miles away  differences have took a lead, with all prepration  I am exacting for this eve  the Classes are  scheduled and I am going to attend them. A call from home and wishes of Eid I can sense the EUPHORIA unlit and my  parents  suffering from  this journey of mine. Eid makes sense with the family, the love and the ambience. After hanging the phone tears rolled  down and then I realized how much I miss my family and my place. This agony of nostalgia was tearing me apart,  every one has his bad days and after all wat you can do is to anticipate a better tomorrow with An EID BACK HOME AN EID BACK HOME.........

Friday, March 4, 2011

Book review: I Too Had A Love Story

Days pass by somehow
But the nights are in wagon of pain
            Injuries may heal with time
            But marks will always remain
Restless on my comfortable bed
I toss and turn and try to sleep but thoughts are bulking my head
            And have formed a huge heap
            The past is flashing its scorching light beams
Tearing me apart,breaking me at the dark and now I am trying my heart to speak this way....

Starting prose piece.......
         When I first took this book in hand as it was forwarded by one of my freinds.She(shelly) claims this book as one of her favourites, on the cover it was written ‘a true love tale’.While opened the starting pages my eyes got stuck on the prose on the left of the first chapter. I went through it couple of times after interpreting I started visualizing the story, I wanted to go further but the ambiance didn’t allow me to switch to the chapter. The only thing I was left with was curiosity. The curiosity for knowing the story of this book. As soon as classes ended I landed directly on my bed, took the book in hand everything seemed perfect for reading but still aura was missing, it was the cup of coffee that was making the difference but still the curiosity of reading the story overruled the addiction for caffeine and I started reading.

          In the starting story was revolving about the friends and their Reunion and off course the most and obvious talk when friends meet is “GIRLFRIENDS”. ‘Lucky they were as they had none’…lol. Jokes apart but the story justifies the line. Then friends take the initiative for searching their soulmate as none of them wanted to go for an arranged marriage and they decide to take the help of internet. And then the second chapter titled ‘Khushi’ obviously she is the one for whom the book is written, if it’s a true tale. The writer and Khushi’s lover ‘Ravin’ (Ravinder Singh) meets khushi on a matrimonial site and their interaction grew up by regular chat, messeges ,calls and they fall for each other. It was a tech savvy story usually the conditions of this type of story is more like ‘present perfect’ and ‘future tense’ but the words and the emotional touch took the book to ‘future continous’ after going through the couple of chapters I was totally into the book and I was enjoying every part of it. I could taste the amalgam forming by the dust of pages and the saliva but i hardly bothered..
           It was a ‘HARD-WIRED’ love story, they had totally fallen for each other but still hadn’t seen each other then the course followed regular love story introduced families that too hard-wired. Finally Ravin had to go to States(USA) and decided to go via delhi to meetup the user(khushi). When they finally meet up in airport a beautiful prose followed…..

I looked, and my eyes were stuck on you
I tried hard to move the black in them but they were stuck like glue
           Looking at you for real, I noticed your eyes
          That’s exactly where you entire beauty lies
So genuine, so honest, so beautiful, so deep
With a glint of light, some naughtiness did creep

           Finding my dream coming true

          I pleaded my shivering lips to bring out the words I had kept for you

There were so many things to say

I can remember none of them at all
But, I don’t lose with that, I do things my own way……

         After having a meet Ravin goes abroad and during this they plan for engagement and they are both happy for finding their ideal soulmate……..And then the climax after the return of the Ravin they(family and couple) select the engagement date as 14 feb. Preparations from both the families start for the day,things were going normal. Then came a new chapter ‘The unexpected’. In this chapter khushi meets an accident and finally dies. If we dictate this story to some one it will seem a perfect filmii masaala but the magic of emotional touch lies in the words written by the ravin..

Recalling something about her, you happen to laugh and in no time.some time even as you laugh,you end with tasting you own tears.

              I don’t know why but whenever I read something that touches the string’s of my emotions my mind starts relating things with my own-story and a guilt starts gaining its strength a guilt that makes me the feel the pain of being a character in the book or somehow leads to the formation of a new story that’s unique in itself and that has suitably found a comparison.
             The book ended soon than expected, the story was great and I wasn’t able to resist myself from sending msg of thanks to my friend after all it was an amazing experience. After waking up that morning I could feel my state still in the pool of emotions. The magic was evident my mind was recollecting the words by author ,in a poignant mood the day kicked off, after few hours things were normal and then ‘the rest became history’………………..

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

===---When the dream sound reality---===

        So blur it was, the only distinct were the sounds surrounding me. I heard dichotomy of speech as JAI HO and GO INDIA GO BACK. Suddenly the images started getting brighter like some was turning the knob to increase the brightness and then pictures were much vivid. When I saw around I saw a ‘lot of people’.  On one side I saw anger for the sake of patriotism gone to the extent of “self obsession” and on the other side ‘I saw people with the agony of past and present’. The place was like a pavement or more likely a street. I saw conceited leaders on ‘tanks’, marching closer to each other, the situation was more war like. And suddenly I saw a girl with a boy in arms probably a ‘brother’ strangled in between Warfield and there I saw a group with ‘stones’ battling with the group with ‘swords’. The women cries, slogans, gunfire’s all left my heart pounding as like it was going to come out of the chest. It seemed that the place I was in gave me a panoramic view and like I was the only spectator of the show and then I saw a women coming for rescue of the children (probably their mother), wore a ‘pheran’ seemed more abstract to me. In the mean time there was a clash, my eyes were stuck to the trio. They were crying and screaming for help, eying around for their help I saw the gate of my ‘’Home‘’ it seemed weirder to me. Before I could analyze the scenario my eyes again turned back to the trio, they were being thrashed by a group with red bands tied to their head’s and suddenly after that I saw the baby getting laid in the unusual way and a sword was pointing in-between  his belly and it was being raised to a height. The other group members surrounding the boy suddenly started rushing and I saw the gate of my home wide open. I was getting colder and my lungs demanded more air, I tried to move but in vain it was like I was tied to something that resisted my movement while analyzing the state of this captivity I heard a well articulated sound like “hunhhh”. The sound resembled to the sound made by the lumberjack while cutting the logs with axe suddenly I screamed with a twitch in my whole body I took a heavy breath and looked around it was dark. It took me almost 5 minutes to gain consciousness and then I realized it was a dream “just a dream”. My thirst for water and emotional support was very much intense and I could not compensate it with a glass of water.
     Then there was a realization that this is the consequence of pre sleep reading about the “ lal chowk tri colour hosting program” by BJP. And definitely the views in my dreams were the conclusion drawn by my mind about the issue if the “BJP sewaks” reach to lal chowk.
      I was terreified by this dream and the sleep was left to shelves for several hours. The flashes of the dream still roaming around. Then I started interpreting and then I realized that there has been an explosion of “ what if’s ”and then when I started catching  some  echoing ones. They sounded like (1)what if these thousands of BJP activists managed to reach to  the ‘lalchowk’ to hoist the flag(2)what if there was a contact between the protestors and the activists(3)what if the yatra turns into a apocalypse in Srinagar (4)what if lack of management{as we are ased to} lead the CRPF and Activists  draw Timid results.etc ..etc…. it certainly was an explosion and the results were execrable.
     The image of BJP is not good in my mind when this strikes to my mind  the pictures of Gujarat Riots flashes In. And now I could see the formation of  another mould of the same situation. These culpable leaders with mediocre mind set sometimes lead us to a situations where their self ego is more  important than the sentiments and lives of the common people.
     The unwanted yatra seemed me more frivolous as the flags are getting hoisted in every district of the Kashmir so if its done by BJP in Lal chowk then it will be definitely a publicity stunt. Rather they would have won the hearts if  they would have came for paying sympathy towards the recent killings or  for the conditions we are suffering. Now its all upto the govt how they will tackle the situation with the course of time.
      Being away from home makes you more worried about the conditions prevailing in the homeland and this type of insecurity to Kashmir is a gift by Govt. Now lets see what time will bring forth an another dreadful dream or a dream that will let my alarm ringing.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

===----A Longing---===

       Years have passed since I have made this blog. The normal routine after visiting was to read the articles, post a few comments and after finishing reading all I did was to PLAN, plan to write something to my blog. 
       Happenings around the word looking through the electrified screen with the cables intact often left me with a shock that am I capable enough to liquefy my volatile ideas and cognizance into words. Well this longing and the self contempt led my fingers pound to the keyboard with the power of emotional outburst.  Then a hope arise to let me see that have I got that potential to let this outburst flow on a gradient to this page , so whatever it was whether a new year resolution, an outburst, or an outrage  these actions were inevitable.
      Now I got hopes with this odyssey to let the adventure and the spirit be at  ‘all time high’ and I have took this initiative to be consistent  to put something in writing  on my blog to let my passion for “wanaa be writer” to grow.